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Three UDK problems (Modifying CSG, DX11, and Static Meshes)

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    Three UDK problems (Modifying CSG, DX11, and Static Meshes)

    Hi, im using the 2011 October UDK (downloaded from the "Latest Version" link), and i cant figure out how to do these

    1) Modify CSG. When i use Ctrl A to add a CSG, i can no longer find out how to either delete or modify (Resize, turn, etc.) the CSG.

    2) In the old version, under Preferences there was something called "Enable DirectX11 Texture Rendering" (or something like that). I no longer see this option, am i just missing it..? The window says Unreal Development Kit (x68, DX9)

    3) Can anyone post a video/tutorial for static meshes for beginners?

    1) To select Brush for editing, press Shift+Control+LeftMouse, clicking only mouse button will only select it's surface. You also need to rebuild Geometry after modifying Brushes. For easier Brush modification you can switch to Brushe Wireframe mode.

    2) It's under File -> Switch Renderer.

    3) What exactly do you want to know?


      Originally posted by DGX View Post
      2) It's under File -> Switch Renderer
      How to make static meshes...


        First, download Blender. Then, look up as many tutorials about it as you can find. You also need a list of the keyboard shortcuts for the program since it was designed around them. You can find the shortcuts in the preferences section of Blender. You will need to alter the settings for Blender a lot to make it conveniently usable for you. One important setting is the size of vertexes. As for making meshes, I like to create one triangle at a time, gradually working my way through the entire object, but there are other methods.