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[Plug n Play] Gravity Rifle (Updated)

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    [Plug n Play] Gravity Rifle (Updated)


    just been messing around and came up with this.
    the code is derived from the plug n play sniper rifle and the gravity gun.

    left mouse firemode projectile will drag any vehicle towards it.
    right mouse firemode will spawn a 'gravity monk' for a short time at the hit location. the gravity monk will draw vehicles towards it, if any touch they blow up

    only 1st firemode in the vid sorry

    put these files in your game script folder
    the link

    the vid

    have fun

    the 'gravity monk' lol
    Click image for larger version

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    first post updated


      little bump incase anyone missed the update.

      how do you get images to show up on here nowerdays?


        Just use image tags?

        [ IMG ]

        edit: that gun looks hilarious


          This is great. I've been playing with it tonight. What I'm trying to do now though is get a kactor to work with it. I have a barrel with rigidbody attached a fairly simple physics material that responds well to the gun. Density very low, etc. Gravity gun doesn't seem to affect it though. Any thoughts?


            where it says Vehicle change it to KActor


              Your my hero. This morning I used your car tuning guide to fix my vehicle and now I just installed your gravity gun. The scale was huge but I was able to fix it.
              I am already trying to think of quest that requires this gun. Thanks again for sharing


                You ARE Awesome...I am interested in the secondary fire...Can I use it for afainst pawns? TO pull them towards a singularity and explode?


                  looks nice tegleg, i will give it a try .... thank you