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    Originally posted by darthviper107 View Post
    They're talking about programming for things like cover and AI
    Ah, well I figured it was a step in the "gimme tools" direction. Like you said, though, programmers are needed as much as (if not more than) artists when it comes to game development.


      I'm not asking for features to be added(though it would be cool) I'm trying to find an explanation for why certain things were pretty clearly left out. Specifically, why was a save/load system left out of UDK? It is a fairly major piece of code, and doesn't change from game A to game B, yet it was left out. Checkpoints were also left out, yet they exist in the version of the tools used on gears.

      Why would an engine advertised as able to build 'anything you want' be so heavily biased towards multi player games? Why was the UT version of the engine used, as opposed to the GoW version? To me these seem like really basic questions, yet no answers seem to be at hand.


        NOTHING, was left out.

        The save and load system is based on BasicSaveObject and BasicLoadObject. I never used UDK and thought, "why is this missing?". Only time I will say something is missing is when UDK is gone.


          I guess I'm wrong. I never claimed to know all the ins and outs of the engine, it's huge.

          The moral of the story here seems to be that I need to learn more.


            I thought you where bullied.


              I think what Hellclown is trying to say is that there is not enough documentation for single player projects in UDK.
              I still have trouble getting my bots not to shoot each other.


                Kelt'ar, I am disappointed. You managed to stay clean from necro-posting for so long.

                You need to stop this addiction, it's not good for you.


                  Lolz...I hear ya.


                    class CustomGameInfo extends GameInfo
                    auto State PendingMatch
                    Easiest start to making singleplayer.

                    Honestly, singleplayer games use standalone network mode (not using the internet or LAN).
                    So technically the UT3 Demo (included in UDK) is considerably singleplayer (only it's "multiplayer-designed"), but what you are probably looking for is a "singleplayer story-designed" game, which is what I demonstrated above for a good kickstarter (lol, Kickstarter reference).

                    Replace "CustomGame" with name of choice for your script folder in Development folder.
                    E.g. you should have "UDK\[UDK Version]\Development\CustomGame\Classes".

                    Make your HUD, PC, Pawn, and any other necessary classes (refer to "C:\UDK\UDK-2013-07\UDKGame\ProjectTemplates\Template1\Development\ Src\TemplateGame\Classes" or the UT, UDK, Engine folders for a good start on making your content).

                    Bingo, there goes a good start to making an SP game.
                    There are also numerous tutorials throughout the internet and UDN on making this stuff by now.
                    Speaking of which, I am actually in the process of making a tutorial series myself.