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Blender vs 3dstudio max

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    Originally posted by darthviper107 View Post
    Max is $3,500 and there are no taxes.

    Although if you're outside of the U.S. it's much more expensive
    Right, like I said, 3ds Max is the same price as Maya... It's all about the flip of the coin for that price to know which tool to lean towards.

    Although what WOULD hurt you in the long run, are those dreaded subscription fees, and those could be a few hundred bucks. I think Maya's sub. fees are higher than Max's are, iirc.


      Thanks everyone for the advice and I think I have made my choice, but I don't start school till october of next year I am going to full sail university in Florida. So I am going to have to wait to get it with my edu email.

      In the mean time I will have to deal with blender for now.


        That seems like an okay choice for starters. Where I work doesn't have an .edu address (rather it's an .org/government-run non-profit), but where I work does oversee schools and activity centers, and I was able to qualify for the Education account, and wind up with Max *and* Maya non-commercial versions. It seems that Autodesk isn't as strict about who qualifies as they once were, but I do respect your decision. I've started out using Blender, and it is good, but I just lost my flair in it.