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    Maya 2012 to UDK

    Hey guys,

    I'm sure you get sick of these questions but I have (I really have) looked around for getting stuff onto UDK from Maya 2012. Now I know I can use FBX I always do.

    Just tell me straight. Can you export with the textures and if so what do I have to do.

    If not with FBX with any other. I looked at the Apex

    Sadly they do not have one for Maya 2012.

    I am a student. So a answer (real) answer would be great as I know how much you guys love to rip a new one on a newb.

    Thanks in advance.

    No, you cannot export with textures.

    A model and a texture are two seperate enteties that have to be combined in the program that uses them.


      You will probably want the FBX Epic uses, which is FBX2011.
      You will 'recreate' shaders in UDK, after importing textures. It's easier then Maya's Hypershade.


        If I Bake the textures and place them into maya and attach them to the FBX model would that work?

        Thanks for the replys


          No. Meshes can't be imported to UDK with textures on them. "baking" a texture does not mean sticking it to the mesh like glue. In Maya, you need to use the hypershade to create shaders that get applied to the model. Same thing in UDK. You import the model, then import the textures you want to use and create a new shader in UDK using the material editor. You can't just take a shaded that's fully built in Maya and export it to UDK. They're two completely different things.


            anyhow, check this out as well.