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    Game Deployment Help

    Hello and Good Day everyone..

    I hope all of you enjoying out there..

    I need help badly regarding game deployment, I don't know how to do this, what exactly I've to do deploy game successfully. My game is ready but now I want to have a .exe setup for my game which I can give to someone and he/she install my game on his/her respective pc/laptop.

    Please help me with it, tell me the details stepwise what I've to do to accomplish this, and what are the parameters or settings I've to do in UDK for deploying my game..

    I am really looking forward for your kind responses..Thanks




      Are you speaking of packaging everything up in an exe file for installing? OR Asking methods of getting your exe game file out to people?

      If the first, look up documentation on the UDK FrontEnd.

      If the 2nd, I use indiedb to host and somewhat advertise game/level releases. You can post a thread in the Released Project section, and send word out in other communities back to the hosted files.


        @darthviper107: thanks a lot for sharing link with me, sir after following this tutorial of UDN, whether I would get .exe setup for my game??

        @Max Power: thanks, Yes Sir I am talking packaging everything in an exe file for installing.


          If you read it, you would see that is the documentation on how to make an .exe of your game


            Yes Sir I checked it, it was helpful as well.. thanks a lot..