i'm trying to create a game that will join 1 to 10 players in a team to make a quest on a map

every player will be client and server to play and host a map.

this is my idea, but i'm new to UDK.

i did creat a simple map, and add a teleporter, but how do i know that the server is running so i can use the URL in the teleporter to send the players to an other server?

and how i can make show up some window to the player type the URL to be used to conect to others servers?

i only make the scripts following the basic game tutorial here from udk documentation.

i know that i have to make a server but i dont know how to do this... i'm searching but didn't find anything until now

if you could say: "create a class SERVER and use the command WTFCOMMAND to start your server" would help a lot