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Suggestion for new udk version

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    Suggestion for new udk version

    Heya. I've been working with UDK for some time now, and there is one thing that keeps bugging me pretty much. I am talking about the Trigger. The point is, now, you're forced to use a cilinder-formed trigger area. But how can you work with a plan where you want something to happen when someone crosses a certain line, or have a seperate themesong for being exactly in one place or room? That is causing bugs in your game, like having that music or event on a place where its not supposed to happen.

    So what I want to suggest, is a Editable Trigger Volume. This volume works EXACT the same as a normal trigger, but this time you're able to costumize the area of it.

    I hope you guys like my idea.


    supporters list (just in case. you never know)
    001 - Anhrak
    002 - 560276

    I also thought of that some time ago. I agree with you, it's a good idea.


      I thought there was already a TriggerVolume.

      And in UE2 could you match a Volume's Tag with the Tag of a Trigger and thus propagate the Touch and UnTouch from the Volume to the Trigger.


        nvm i found it. mods, close post please.

        ps, one other question, pm me the answer, where can i post forum-related questions? there is no section like that.