Hey, just wanted to let people know that my UDK videos will now be branded under UDK.me - VoxHouse.net will continue to function as my general creative hub but I wanted to have something more specific for this community as I am focusing on a lot of UDK specific content now, not only videos but also articles, etc.

There are plenty of UDK vid channels out there by now - I started off with a strong presence but have waned a bit with lack of content over this last year for various reasons. I plan to come back much stronger this time around.

-While I aim to teach features, I also like showing tricks, or teaching the practical side of things and not just dry details.

-As you'll note if you've watched any of the VoxHouse vids, I structure most of the videos out very well and speak very clearly, unlike a lot of mumbly user tuts out there, bless their hearts and efforts. I aim to make this extremely professional in presentation, yet still maintain my offerings for free.

-I've been using UnrealEd since v1 in 2000, a modder since 2005, and now am using UDK for a show. So I have a well rounded knowledge of it, and come up with unusual ideas.

So sub to the new channel (in my sig below) and stay tuned.