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    The next level

    hello ,

    So i started using UDK like 2 months back , and now m quite friendly with the whole engine. I created my own level , lots of materials and imported meshes from max to udk , did some kismet and matinee inside my level.Thats it!

    Now i want to actually create a full udk game which requires knowledge on scripting afaik. Ive got pretty decent knowledge on c,c++ and programmed some games on XNA kit as well.

    Kindly suggest me some tutorials available on the internet where i can learn the exact steps in creating a udk game from scratch.

    thanks --

    Exact steps don't really exist, considering that you want to create a custom game. Your code would be vastly different than other games out there, and there's no tutorials explaining exactly how to code a game that exists in your head.

    Search the UDN for unreal script info, including custom game types, pawns, weapons, etc. And build off of that to create your custom codes. There's tons of unreal script tutorials in the UDN and a large amount of other sites.




        Well i can give you some pointers out of my own experiance. If you want to create a game,you need a GDD(Game Design Document) Go on Google and learn more about that. A GDD will provide you guidelines for you. It will included everything from Plot of the game to Style of the game etc.