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    General Questions

    Hey all,

    I just have a few questions...

    1. When you look at different configuration files, they point to the UDKGame directory. If you go through and change them all so that they point to your own directory, it seems it should work; but Unreal Frontend still looks for UDKGame. Is there a way to change this behaviour?

    2. No matter where you look, or what you change, Unreal Frontend will always create UDK.exe. How do you rename this file?

    3. Is it possible to automatically generate a shortcut to your installed game on the desktop?

    4. I've read the licensing information; but what is there about using a custom installer instead of the UDK one? Aka, install the game yourself, then package the files in another installer? I mainly want this, as the installer makes it look as if the user is installing UDK, not your game.

    5. In the Windows Program List, the owner of your game comes up as being Epic Games Ltd. Is there a way to change this?

    6. Can someone point me to a good custom weapon tutorial (mainly the Unreal Script part). I tried this one, but I got nothing but errors from the code.

    7. Can someone point me to a good Scaleform HUD tutorial. I tried this one, and the swf goes in, but it doesn't update.