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    Something to wonder about...

    Sound. Its speed is limited. Yet about all games out there, no matter how realistic they are supposed to be, assume a nearly infinite speed of sound. How come all those Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, <your favorite realism game here> clones (and originals) play a boom at the same time as the muzzle flash or explosion can be seen, no matter how far away it is?

    Think about it, especially if you plan on creating such a game.

    I've seen a game that uses a 'lightmass' style implementation to handle audio bouncing (it also handled distance )


      I know ARMA games do what you want, and i'm pretty sure Red Orchestra 2 and the newer Battlefield games do as well.

      There are probably others as well, maybe the operation flashpoint games.

      Counter Strike and Call of Duty have an extremely lax focus on realism, especially compared to something like ARMA


        Considering the speed of sound is quite fast, I doubt it's very smart to add delays where they aren't needed.

        The muzzle flash, for example, the boom is generated by the explosion within the gun; so that boom appears earlier than the flash; but the difference between the explosion escaping and its initiation is quite small, there's no point in making a game do more work than it needs to.

        Regardless, how often are you so far away from said explosion that the sound takes a long time to travel? We're talking about a speed of Mach 1 here. Sound is fast.