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Epic Games Releases August 2011 Unreal Development Kit Beta

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    @the_contradiction, I went by the article on the udn and had a similar issue but I found adjusting the vector 2 params to lower closer values limited the tesellation from further but I couldnt work out how to get it to do lower iterations up closer. Maybe it would be something like 4,2 but I couldnt get it going perfect.


      i lowered the params to 1,1 but that only reduced the tessellation when you are a distance from the object. There is still significant tessellation increase up very close.


        Yeah I couldnt work out how to get it less dense up close either, maybe its a higher value but as I dont really understand what the vector 2 is doing I dont know what values it should be. In the documentation Epic just tell you what values to use and dont really explain how it works.


          Originally posted by Crusha K. Rool View Post
          I thought tesselation is supposed to be rather an addition in detail to objects by fulfilling the purpose of bump and normal maps instead of being a replacement for the usual LOD so far.
          That's how it is being used these days. But I think it gives much richer possibilities.


            The Materials Compendium could need an update.

            For instance did the Texture Sample receive a new input, "Tex".

            I assumed it's there to take vector 3 information and use that as texture, so that you can still plug the UV coordinates into the other output. However, that didn't seem to work for me, so I am wondering what it's there for then.

            EDIT: Ah, didn't see the new TextureObject.


              Im a novice.

              Really needs very much examples for load in editor. The example map must be more longer, more big, more effects.

              Maybe any levels for another genres should be nice ideas...

              -A level for an example rpg map. Like elder scrolls, gothic... outdoor with terrain. Dynamic sun with sunshafts. Zombies from terrain at nigjt with music change like zelda...

              -A level with a room of classic graphic adventure with controls of grim fandango keyboard use for 3d scenaries, and using mouse like broken sword (right button for change to look, use/get/speak, walk to) 3rd person.

              -using the terrain for rpg for basic racing rally game...

              -system for dialog selection of graphic adventures.

              -all of this give us the methods for make a jrpg like final fantasy (example).

              -simply scenary for static cameras and a change to a simply puzzle, like classic psx Resident Evil.

              Yeah, should be great...