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Random download inspired game idea: loopin gun game rpg ;p

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    Random download inspired game idea: loopin gun game rpg ;p

    I'm curious if this is possible and how tricky? In udk, seems possible in d3d, provided i have a buncha models, animations, clippin, etc....

    But an 'easy' game to make that might be a lot of fun, i'm gonna assume single player is easier to build, this might be an early one i try here, and it's also similar to regular 'unreal' in many ways, but not in gameplay hopefully....

    Idea is to have a small number of generic maps, spawn random maps from a mission selection menu. theme is contract first person shootin mercenaries, with buying and upgrading done in menus between fights, cash paid from contract and maybe some missions might have loot, sorta an rpg upgrade your character game, might have some skills too, or whatever ;p

    Trick is making the generator neat, probably requires some coding, an alternative might be some kind of p2p style of getting a ton of maps as source objects....also could use static maps and dynamic mob placement, dynamic mob challenge, and hopefully good varied AI...that part of the game, the way you fight with the guns ? I bet i could design that part well if anyone expereinced wants to chat ;p

    One thing i'd add fast to guns is friction and maybe then heat, right now gta guns and most others look like theyr'e goin a constant velocity, real guns go 1500 mph at the muzzle, and at 1500 there's more friction than the freeway at 65 mph (put hand outside to feel air solidity, more solid at 120+!), and the bullet decelerates as per friction and its mass/solid/shape/penetration (i like solid metal spheres)

    Also on a looping game like that, you could force restart on death, and give retreat and civil options too, hazards, etc, maybe larger maps, less dudes, and i did notice those distant buildings in gta 4 are in stinger range , also could indirect into them in a group with aks or m4s and drop a building maybe ;p

    1 island over, and i think gta 4 has the biggest map of any game ever?

    Maybe not....But if you generate the terrain, maybe a good built in one, and that generator can also place house 'objects' that are maybe like red faction physics houses...

    Well, just a random idea, maybe i just wanna see more 'random' and 'avoid death' style games ;p

    Also maybe a pottery game, although i might do that in d3d, use the hand tool to push the spinning clay object to make a 3d model and a game too

    On the topic of movement, i coudl probably fix that too.....these vidgame characters hit a weird consistent midrange, real physical performance varies by individual, and by prior exercise too, also weight, dodgin, and other factors

    Anyways maybe i'll make a neat gunplay mod, and let people use it...also be neat to see a 'bullet time' game, including one with auto bullet time and even a very slow turn-based gunplay style, well probably real time but advancing with time controls like simcity , people pay more attention there than when gamin ;p

    Uhm. Firstly, take a breather. Your entire thread looks like you just threw out a bunch of ideas at a million miles an hour without taking a single breathe.

    I really have no clue what 80% of this was meant to say. But from everything I gathered can the engine handle them? Yes. But it's up to you to program them out and get assets (models, textures, etc) properly handled so some one's computer can run it well.

    And yes, it's very tricky. Even once you learn how to program all of those generation things, you have to do it in a way that'll actually be fun.

    Everything you described (I think) is no where near an "easy" game to make, especially if it's your first time. Random Generated Games, Simulations, bullet time, turned-based games, GTA 4? Upgrades. It's...hard. Takes time and knowledge.