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Number of rendered triangles while watching the sky

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    Number of rendered triangles while watching the sky

    Above images were taken with camera pointed up and left untouched.
    Look at the triangles drawn stats.
    From ~4500 in wireframe through ~13000 in unlit mode to >4000000 in lit mode ???
    It only a standard UDK morning procedural sky.

    Below of camera is a large part of level but its 100% occluded.
    But there are MUCH bigger numbers in those three render modes.
    In lit mode it exceeds 20000000 tri. I do not know what to do...
    I've tried with shadows settings, culling setup and even extreme LOD poly/tri reducing with tri reduction feature in UDK. Nothing explains such of amount of triangles rendered.

    What am I doing wrong?

    The real question: What are your framerates? I think at 4 mil tris you'd be chopping up pretty good let alone 20 lol... my guess is it's a reporting bug of some kind...