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Rotating Ball Matinee Problem

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    Rotating Ball Matinee Problem

    A little bit of background...

    Yeah, hey I had a problem today. After thinking for hours on how to set up my character (a rolling ball) I figured out how to do it. First thing was to make the ball mesh...but wait! I can't attach to a static mesh... Well I thought about it for a while, and eventually I just dropped an interpactor for my static mesh of a ball and attached it to a GamePawn. Yay! On to my next thing.

    So I figured out a way to rotate the ball, but I need to do that in Kismet, and its not working.

    Start reading here for the problem:

    Basically I created a 5 second animation with keyframe at 0 having rotation at 0, keyframe 1.5 having it at 180 and keyframe 3 having it at 360 again. Perfect right? Except when I play it it does all these wierd rotations left and right (wobbly kind of) that are evidenced none whatsoever in my matinee sequence. I remembered I had this problem on Max when trying to do a rotation of a gear, and I researched and found something called Gimbal Lock, so this may or may not be my problem.

    Any suggestions or solutions? I'm stumped.

    Does it do the same thing in matinee when you play the animation there?


      Yes, it does.


        It might be because it's attached to something else. The different translations might be messing up the animations.


          In the properties of your movement track, try enabling Use Quat Interpolation.


            Okay I'll try that. Oh, the attachment might be the problem...any way to only attach movement and not rotation?


            The use quat interpolation worked! I read and it says it finds the shortest distance to keys without easing in/out. This is nice and I will probably have more use for it in the future.

            Second problem:

            I need a quick way to loop my matinee sequence in kismet. I have it set so that the vector changes based on what direction he walks, and then if the mobile joystick is held down I want it to loop this animation, which will rotate as needed and provide a good animation of the rolling ball rolling towards its destination.

            ;D Oh, and thanks everyone for your help