Execuse me if my english fail!

I'm having some dificulties with UDK:

Every time that the editor crashes and some times even if i close it myselft, in the next startup the editor has a chance to show the "welcome screen" or one "usefull tips dialog", it is like if it is "forgeting" that i have chose to not show then again! I want to make it stop showing forever, there is any way to make it?

Every time i start the UDK it automatically opens the content browser, there is any way to avoid it?

Also, each time i do a small change in my scripts, like in the weapons where I need to do a lot of tweaking, I need to recompile my scripts to see the effect of the changes, but it is too boring and timing consuming the fact that I need to close the UDK editor to let the Frontend overwrite the compiled scripts. There is any way to recompile the scripts without closing the udk editor?