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    MainManu, UDK Help

    Hey Every One;

    I was wonting to make a mainmenu for my and have been having problems with it. Well not so much problems, just need some help and understanding.
    I was watching the VoxHouse Studio videos on how to make a menu using Flash (very helpful). but as shown in the video below; it is transplarent on a map and has much more features like 'options' and 'gameplay controls'.

    How can I acheive this?

    Thanks for reading.

    To start with i think we will need to hear more about what it is you are having problems with. The flash files are "transplarent" by default, so you will need to do something to the stage (like put up a block of color or an image) to be able to get around that. As for "more features" is that a good thing or are you having problems with that? If so, what problems. If its good... you can follow a flash tutorial to find out how to expand on the display. One key element would be clearing the display, look up tweens =)

    There are already discussions in the Scaleform UI section of the forum. Maybe you should move the discussion there?