Hello,we are scott and joke, and are a team of two, we have been working with the UDK for a few months and haven't accomplished much because we just do not know how to do certain things, we need people to help us to change the character we control (i don't want to control a human with a gun in first person mode), we have animations models etc pre made, we have over 10,000 models and various tools for you to work with.

This will be entirely voluntary and this will serve to help the development of an environment that we can develop into a game. we need to be able to walk through the environment in third person mode too.

We also need some help on how to add a user interface to this walkthrough/environment it will basically be an environment with a HUD/GUI but we are able to walk through and do simple things like change a weapon etc. The GUI will be made by I, scott as i am primarily a graphics artist and 3D modeller. we have Bi-ped models too so they have a skeletal mesh. and have all the textures you will need.

If you have any questions we will gladly answer them.