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    Steam and UDK

    Hi all

    I was just curious about what it takes to get a game on steam using the UDK and the licenses required to do it?

    so I'm an indie developer and have created a game with UDK.
    I then need to pay $99 for a commercial licence for UDK and then 25% royalties after the first 50,000 profit.

    lets say steam has accepted your game after the application process. do you then need to have access to the UDK source code to implement the Steamworks SDK? so that your game can work on steam or can you get around this?

    It seems that steam is already built into UDK because it thinks its my most popular game at this stage but how far does this plugin extend is steamworks already a part of the UDK so you don't need to add the steam SDK?

    It would be great to have some feed back on this from anyone that's done it


    You need to add the AppID given by Steam, once they verified your game, to the text file in the UDK folder that currently holds the ID for the UDK.


      Steamworks is already integrated though not very well documented at all now.



        It's a long time before I implement all this but just wanted to know a bit more about it. and make sure they had the functionality avalible