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    A LOT of RAM... Now, if the trick here is procedural generation of geometry from sparse octree data in realtime, that actually IS noteworthy and interesting, but if that's the case, why not just say so?


      I think the space/memory issue is thrown out of proportion, we can all see the instances in the worlds they show. The reason people are saying things about space and memory is that they are trying to make a case for the worst case if all atoms were unique (which is obviously not the case), they are certainly proving that there will never be unlimited detail and that its a pipe dream though.

      This technology and polygon technology share similar limitations but the way they show off their renderer makes it seem like they have none of the drawbacks of traditional techniques and they can solve every engineer on the planets problems in a day. It took something like 10 years and 2 directX versions for them to even get displacement/tessellation going after it was a well established technique in prerender for years.

      To think that he's going to gain any major hardware support after dissing the establishment and pretty much saying he doesnt need them wont help his case. Certainly they can use hardware but polygon technology is where its at and going further because of standardization, things such as a unified shader pipe and other bells and whistles at a hardware level.

      Basically I think Carmack was being very kind when he gave them 2 years to complete their tech. In my eyes, from a game developer wanting to make games and not really caring bout the details of the engine as long as it does what I tell it to, this technology will not be viable till close to a decade away by which time polygon rendering could have infact surpassed any of this fancy memory compaction techniques they are using.

      Anyway its a cool renderer, its great to see people taking a less established approach but I think its simply too soon for this technology to compete. It reminds me of the early days of polygons when quake technically looked worse than Mortal Kombat or the like because the sprites were better quality. This technology doesnt mean the death of polygons, I honestly think they are here to stay for some time.