The map I utilizes a Custom Game Mode that our lead programmer made. I want to play this in UDKGame in that said game mode that he made but it doesn't show up. If I play the map in for example Deathmatch it doesn't load the custom settings that the programmer made with the custom script.

So essentially how do I load the map with the custom game mode in UDKGame?

Also another quick question to not post a whole other thread on it, how do I make it so that a FluidSurfaceActor over time rises? I have tried putting the fluid surface actor in a Empty Group in Matinee, making a movement track, and over a five minute period rise quite a lot and it looks great IN matinee (when I loop it), but when I actually play the game in the editor nothing happens (Note the water is in the Physics group_Interpolating). How can I also do the same thing for my Post Process volume I use to make the screen blurry when you get in the water, so that it rises well with the water xD.

Thanks you all!