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Differences between Landscape and terrain.

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    Differences between Landscape and terrain.

    What are the differences between landscape and terrain? , I heard landscape as no collision and makes better use of the PC resources is that true ?

    Please help writing the diferences of both of them(not of the editors).

    I'm doing a project and scenery was made using terrain, and if we convert it to landscape and add the same material it looks like the same but in cellshaded style, weird. So I'm looking for a way to fix this or either keep using terrain as the scenery.

    Also is it posible to use multiple layers in landscape ?

    As soon as the landscape system is stable, the terrain system will become obsolete. So its just a replacement of the old terrain system with new features and i think its much more optimized than the old one. But to save you guys from random crashes i would suggest to use the old terrain system at least until its more stable.