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Normal map blending on characters

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    Normal map blending on characters

    Hello everyone!

    I was just wondering if anyone has any information on how normal map blending on characters is done in udk.

    I think the general method to do it is by blending the maps according to bone rotation(but cant find any infos on this topic at all).
    I´d like to give the artist some more control over it by letting him define areas on the mesh and how the blending is taking place via vertex color tweening.
    Letting udk interprete the vertex color and blend in normal maps accordingly.

    I do know that blending via vertex color is possible but cant find any way to animate vertex color in udk, or export it out of max
    (not only the vertex color(iknow thats possible) but a vertex color tween (color changing over time)).

    any help is appreciated very much !!

    all the best