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Animset wont save to mesh

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    Animset wont save to mesh

    I import the psa to my skeletal mesh and it works just fine but I cant seem to get the animset to save in mypackages area. Whenever i reload the level my mesh is still in the content browser and the animset has disappeared. I just can't remember what i'm forgetting.

    actually the problem is when i load the psa into the static mesh it previews just fine but it wont stay put. When i close the static mesh window and reopen it the animset is no longer in the static mesh. It wont seem to stay loaded in the static mesh itself.


      these are the steps i use..
      1) import the skeletal mesh ( if its not imported yet )
      2.) on the content browser area, right click and create a NewAnimSet , give it a name,package...etc.
      3.) now import the anims from PSA file ( it will add its animations to the animset )
      4.) remember to save the package ( right click on the animset in the content browser and select save

      follow these and tell me if it works..



        Yeah, that what I do. I have no problem getting the animset into the content browser and saving it there. You see, when i double click on my static mesh, inside of the content browser the window pops up where you can view your static mesh on the right and over to the left are the tabs where you load the animset. I load my animset into the tab area on the left and i can see it play fine with the static mesh on the right but, when i close that windows the animset isn't saving into the static mesh. Everytime i double click again on my static mesh and check its animset tab it says 'none'. The animset will not stay loaded into the static mesh...???


          i'm doing this in udk mobile which seems to be different than regular udk


            Originally posted by Hangman057 View Post
            when i close that windows the animset isn't saving into the static mesh
            Of course its not... animsets are saved seperately....
            a skeletal mesh is animated using Unrealscript by telling it something like this,
            "the skeletal mesh 'skm_liandri_01' has a skeleton of type 'base_male_animset_01' , play the animation 'basic_runing_animation_01' in the animset on the 'skm_liandri_01' "

            u can see the actual code if u look into the FamilyClassInfo classes and related stuff.

            the purpose of keeping animations and the skeletal meshes seperately is that, then u can have a single animset and many skeletal meshes... so u dont waste your memory for saving the same running animation in each of your skeletal mesh.. ( imagine u build an army game which has several types of soldiers with the same skeleton ) so it will save ur time too..

            refer to tutorials on how to make a skeletal mesh animate...
            read about animsets and animtrees...

            i hope this helps you..

            of course u can check any skeletal mesh combined with any animset u have using the editor... thats what it is for... just double click any skeletal mesh and at the Anim tab select ur desired animset's name...
            u can do funny things with that... hehe... once i created a sword with the same joints as the shock rifle.. then i combined it with the anims fo the shock rifle.... the animation was pretty funny... hehe... i called that the bending sword... hehe... :P