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UnrealEngine3; two week work experience.

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    UnrealEngine3; two week work experience.

    Hello guys,

    Im new here, and am getting into UnrealEngine3. Our school is doing work experience through feburary where we get to do a job/ anything related to what we want to do in the future, for two weeks. As you can probably guess, I want to become something related to game development with UDK.

    Lets get down to what im asking eh?

    I come from the UK, and would like to possibly be tutored by someone willing to give up their time for me to learn from them . I could only do this online through like, Skype or something, or something that can allow screen watching . I am really enthusiastic about learning UnrealEngine3 through UDK.

    Here is what I would like to learn, but I am completely open to suggestions if you're interested:
    >UnrealScript - Everything there is to know really .
    >Everything that is like "Unreal ..." like matinee, kismet, phat, the material editor and cascade.

    I really like learning, and I am a visual learner, so I could possibly learn faster!

    If we need to involve payments of some sort, or would just like to talk about it, then we can speak through email - contact me at:

    Thank you guys, keep up the good work on all of you projects!!

    Sonny Maitland-Smith.

    I don't think sitting watching someone fiddle with UDK over the internet constitutes as 'work experience'.


      I guess no one will take this seriously


        The point is that work experience is supposed to be exactly that - work experience. For example, I did mine working in the Aerospace faculty at the University of Delft - and spent a large part of it cataloging various space / satellite related junk. That was the better part of a decade ago now, and I now work as a games programmer. There's nothing wrong with wanting to get into games, but at the same time, there isn't realistically much of a chance of getting work experience within a games company. They are usually too small, too busy and too financially restricted to offer such a thing.

        Sitting at home on Skype does not constitute work experience at all.


          okay fair enough. I got ahead of myself, I do apologise :/


            Find out if any game development studios are nearby, 1 hour bus or car drive at most. Ask if they will let you do your work experience there. It might work as people find positions at all sorts of places for high school work experience and you might be taken on as a future intern.

            Need to know where abouts you live first because i know London, Liverpool, Midlands all have some big studios.


              i live in basingstoke


                Originally posted by sonnyd08 View Post
                i live in basingstoke
                Guildford, Surrey is kinda close and is where Lionhead are located.

                Microsoft Game Studios just North from you in Reading.

                You might be better off just asking a video game store.


                  Usually game company's don't like work experience kids. It's nothing against the students applying but it forces a developer to take time out of their busy day to usually just setup a menial task or project for the student.*

                  This comes from a developer I spoke to in a studio here in melbourne.

                  However this does not mean all studios hate work experience students. I'm sure they're plenty out there happy to incorporate students into their studio for a few weeks. This is merely a disclaimer to not be surprised if a studio turns your application down