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Some kind of side-scroller 3rd person view ?

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    Some kind of side-scroller 3rd person view ?

    Hi guys,

    I am sorry if this question or something similar that could help me to solve this "problem" has already been asked and answered. I did some research through Google, the UDN and UDKC, that kind of half-fixed the "problem".

    Here's an explanation :
    I had an idea recently of what kind of stuff I could try to do on the UDK, but I am already getting stuck.
    Basically, my idea would be some kind of side-scroller game (Like Super Mario, by example) in a 3D environment.
    STOP ! No, I am not talking about just making a standard side-scroller.
    A side-scroller (Like Super Mario, still) happens in a plane world, like if you were watching a sheet of paper from above and drawing a line that goes from the left to the right. (the line being the character, going from the start, to the end of the level)
    The idea I had, is that we take the sheet of paper, we attach the left part to the right part (so it makes a cylinder), and we draw the line INSIDE of the cylinder.

    What I would like to do, is that the camera we use for the 3rd person view is placed in the middle of the cylinder (locked on the character we play, obviously).

    Actually, this is not that hard to do, I know.
    But what I am not able to do is that the camera can ONLY MOVE (translation) on the Z-axis (vertically), so it follows the character if it goes higher or lower in the level/cylinder. And (obviously) the camera can 'turn on itself' (<- not sure if that's how we say that in English) to follow the character when it goes to the left or the right in the level/cylinder .

    Does anybody have any idea how to do that, please ? (or can redirect me to a thread/tutorial I could have missed that talks about it)

    Thank you in advance, have a great day.

    Edit : Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this kind of question, I was not sure where I was supposed to post this.

    soooo, you basically want a 3rd person camera? Check youtube for videos how to do stuff also, I myself found it to be a life saver sometimes. Here is a 3rd person camera tutorial.


      Well, basically, I want a 3rd person camera that has restrictions in its behaviors.

      (Thanks for the video, I'm watching it)


        Sooooo, this link basically doesn't help me.

        I already know how to make a third person camera.
        I was asking how I was supposed to do so the camera can only move on the Z-axis. And your link does not explain that at all.

        Here's what I want to do :


          makes sense,but i wouldn know how to start
          maybe trying to go to the UDN camera thing and try to combine the sidescroller and the 3rd person script or something and see if thats works


            Whizzle documentation includes the source and it has an axis constrained camera. You should check that out.


              I've got a sidescroller tutorial here:

              But it's an attached camera that will always follow the player, so it doesn't seem like that's what you want, it does however move on the z axis, which is something you do want, so it's at least worth taking a look at it for that.

              As for what you you want, I'd say the camera part is pretty easy to do, but I think it sounds a bit overly complex both in handling player movement and the actual design of the level as you'd need to make a level that keeps bending?

              Which sounds awfully problematic for a level designer, but that could just be me...
              Anyway, the way I see it, you'd have to place the camera in the level, then you have to hook that camera to the player, then in the relevant camera script, you'd simply have it look at the player(easy to do) and follow the player on the Z axis(also easy to do).

              I've not done the camera coupling like that yet myself though, but any programmer worth his salt that worked a bit with UDK and it's camera system shouldn't have too much trouble with it.


                @the taco ninja : I'll try to combine these two, thank you.

                @BetaNium : Oh, I didn't know that Whizzle documentation includes the source, thank you for that, I'm going to check this out. =)

                @DuckSauce : Yeah, I do realize that an axis constrained camera isn't a big deal to do and if I'm getting stuck here, I'm going to have a really hard time to make the whole "cylindrical gameplay" up. =/
                Thanks for the link.

                I'm going to try your solutions and will give some feedback after that, thank you guys.