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How to Add Groups to packages in content browser

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    How to Add Groups to packages in content browser

    This is a silly question. But I am finding the content browser occasionally acts buggy or is unintuitive.

    If I have a package and I want to add a sub-folder, I don't see a "Add folder" to a package.

    What I do see is when I create a asset, it will ask for a package name, group name and asset name. If I enter a group name that doesn't exist, *sometimes* it will create a group under the given package. But *sometimes*, I am finding it will throw the asset into a "untitled" package.

    What am I doing wrong here?

    no query is silly ....or may be all are :P

    yes, the content browser can sometimes me a mess if you have to compulsorily make sub groups in a package for all the content in your scene.

    I personally never came across the problem "throwing asset into an untitled package" though. But let me tell you, First, there's no "Add folder" to the package, it all happens with groups. And its Not At All compulsory to add content in groups. And if you do, you have to be very very very careful to type the group names correct every time you add a new asset to the package.

    As for your "untitled package" problem. Which asset did you try to put?? Was it some terrain related thing???


      I right clicked on a matinee animation and said to "export to CameraAnim". It brings up the dialog box of where to put the animation. It works fine if I specify a package and group name that already exists. But if the group doesn't exist, it throws it out into a untitled package.

      I'm thinking what I'll have to do is put my Animation folder in using a more common location--such as add a staticMesh and tell it to create a animation group. And then throw the staticmesh away. Kind of silly really


        or another way could be to first add the animation without naming any group. It'll get saved in the package root. Then, in content browser, right click on the animation and say "Move or Rename". The same dialog opens up. This time, within the same package, try to add a new group name and see if it still throws. It may work....


          Oh, thats good to know. I will give that a shot.

          I guess its crazy-talk to have made it work like a typical folder system?


            haha, yea they could have made it work much better than it is.

            n do let me know, if this trick works....may be I'll come upon such a thing someday o_O


              your suggestions to Move and Remove... item worked perfectly. Thanks for your help!


                no problems....glad to help!