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    UDK Workspace Folder Structure


    I'm new, so please forgive my lack of experience, but a brief forum search and Google has not helped me with an issue. (surprise! heh)

    I am interested in improving my workspace by consolidating all game resources to a common location, and having a separate location for the individual UDK version locations.

    I tried exporting maps, but they did not include the resources (textures, etc...) when imported into the new UDK version; the level was just filled with whitewashed models (bad export?). Specifically I was exporting Sandstorm from 10-2010, and importing to 03-2011 (or something like that).

    So, could someone please refer me to a link on how to set up a separate resource location to which I may point all current and future UDK versions?

    I imagine it can't be as easy as creating a CONTENT folder in my UDK workspace root and dumping every version's CONTENT folder + subfolders in this separate location. Could it?... I mean how would imported maps find their corresponding resources? *sigh*

    (I probably should put watching those pipeline tutorial videos higher on my list of things to do, lol)

    Thank you!

    Not sure how to answer your question myself, but it might help a little to inform you that all your assets (staticmeshes, materials, sounds, skeletalmeshes, animations, etc.) are stored in Packages (.upk files) OR in map files (.udk). If you want the map file to contain all the content referenced by that map file, you can move/rename (right-click in content browser) the assets to be placed in the [map-name] "package". If you're like me and you want to keep the content separate from the map whenever it's possible to use it in other levels (save hard drive space, eh?) then that's where I'm not sure how the folder structure works. However I myself do keep all my custom UPK files in the Content folder under a subfolder named after my project (twPackages in our case, since our project's initials are T.W.)

    hope that helps a little.


      You should have a content folder within each UDK installation. Technically, you could configure each of your installations to share a Content path (look in *Engine.ini) however, it wouldn't surprise me if you found some way to hang yourself doing it.



        a-HA! that is exactly the lead I was looking for. I'll make backups, and try that out, THANK YOU!


          Sorry to bump this thread but i'm having the same problem. Did you figure that out? Please share...

          we are working across two computers and now have to consolidate everything on to a fresh install on a third machine. Any wisdom would be greeeeaaatly appreciated.



            Oh.. November 2012 build


              Just make a new folder e.g examplegame In the base udk folder