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    1) How to get spawn crowds in UDK (for zombie type game)
    a) How to put multiple crowd spawn points.
    b) How to make a zombie animation to hop over obstacles and stagger run.
    c) How to make them attack you and follow you throughout the map.
    d) How to make rounds of zombies.
    e) Have a little deal on bottom to show what level your on.
    f) (Optional) Have the spawned zombie hop over an obstacle then chase after you.
    Please try to make videos of this cause I'm having trouble with UTCrowdSpawner and trying to make a zombie model plus animation is to complex for me. I'm a noob BTW.



      We are currently doing melee a bit differently than using traces. Instead we are piggybacking off of the mesh collision stuff. It's interesting.


        Originally posted by DuckSauce View Post
        If you want to go ahead, I'm not really up to that anymore after the UDKC wiki turned me off :P
        Don't dislike us for too long