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    UDK/Perforce Best Practices

    Hi UDK'ers,

    What are the best practices for dealing with UDK/Perforce integration? I'm helping a team set up Perforce to aid collaboration on their UDK project. I have a software development background, I've had experience using source control with Visual Studio and SVN but UDK/Perforce is a bit different.

    Reading this seems to suggest that the Perforce workspace must be the root UDK folder, and from memory Perforce likes where you check out the working copy of the workspace to be called the same as the workspace. Thus I would think you would need to call the workspace "UDK-March2011", "UDK-April2011" when moving between releases.

    This strikes me as odd - we'd have to create a workspace (or rename one) every time UDK is updated. I have come up with the following solution (please critique this!)
    1. A P4 workspace called UDK-Latest
    2. Only files added to the workspace are under C:\UDK\UDK-Latest\UDKGame\Content\<PROJECT NAME>
    3. When upgrading to the latest UDK version, check everything in to P4 and uninstall/upgrade/whatever the latest old version of UDK to the latest (installed into C:\UDK\UDK-Latest)
    4. Check the workspace out again

    Will this work? I'm concerned about point 2, I've been told that all game content is in UDKGame\Content\<PROJECT NAME> but aren't files like UTEngine.ini stored elsewhere?

    Feedback and advice is welcome! Thanks in advance.