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UDK Update Wishlist

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    UDK Update Wishlist

    This topic has probably been done a dozen times already but a search didn't turn up any recent results.

    I thought it would be nice to have a wishlist of features or other requests for future updates to the engine.

    My #1 wish, integration of Euphoria -

    First 7 is for all platforms and ios and pc editor.

    #1: default content as example, mainly MATERIALS, x10.

    Need default complex objects as ellevators or doors: only drag and drop for obtain a default computer (as example) for initiate a trigger.

    Materials for forest, frozen forest and snow, medieval city, clean and modern city, ugly and poor city, clean scify city like tron legacy, space ship like unreal 2, inside city builds, and some materials more for anime style and pixar style (like milo -gdc-).

    At least 5 materials of each these type. And 1 or 2 models if possible.

    #2: look gamecube's resident evil: static cameras, prerrendered backgrounds, all power computing in characters and dynamic shadows on static backgrounds (invissible walls interacts with shadows and stops player movement. only). Backgrounds as independent. Big textures, maybe 2048x2048 for complete room withouth no more layers or mipmapping. Reaching a point, change camera. Opening door, mini animation and load next room.

    Is good for some games. This can be a special example map, like that RE.

    #3: with simply option like graphic quality, change rendering, options, content browser folder, and more for change to anime style: like "naruto ultimate ninja storm 2", the best looking game of anime style. Zelda wind waker style with some changes. Old cell shading with others, like jet set radio.

    Maybe 2 or 3 modes, like typically american toons if that need special configuration.
    No more heroes, killer 7...

    Need some new particle effects for anime typicall powers effects, and blood... And smoke for toon style, like zelda w. w. When you roll.

    #4: all unreal engine games looks as unreal engine games. Is lighting?

    At least an dynamic color grading like cryengine 3, and dynamic gamma for clean differences at ps3 vs 360 comparisons (brightness and gamma). Like crytek was doing.

    #5: new example maps/levels/files for total conversion game:

    - graphic adventure like broken sword (one button for choose speak, get, look, move to... And other for doing).

    -classic jrpg like final fantady vii. Really will be the most imitate. And dragon quest style.

    Maybe epic can add an easy and fadt and intuitive system for menu games old school, for jrpg classics style, diary for tips, options, mix objects with drag and drop like monkey island is too much complex? The game menu for final fantasy style game is easy for doing...

    -simply racing game. Maybe with basic damage system. Option for manual or automatic. Turbo mode. Respawn if you die... From mario kart to gran turismo system. Really the main things are not extremelly complex, not?

    -example of adventure game typicall like uncharted/tomb raider with complex ia interaction with a character, like half life 2 episode one, enslaved, or at least bullestorm and gears of war of course will be a very short level.

    #6 easy system for adjust IA pal character like hl2 ep one.

    (In that game the comments of develops. Says a trick for rendering giant citadel at great framerate. Really rendering very far. I remember some of lighting save...


    #7 profiles at new level choose. Like ms word. A blank level (actual), island level like far cry/crysis, orbital spaceship with sun, moon and earth moving...

    #8: megameshes with tools for fast development and increase geometry detail.

    #9: virtual texturing optimizated, at least outdoor terrain painting like a paper. Not simply put materials. Like ms paint if possible

    #10: the most important: at least at development on pc, a full dynamic lighting system like cryengine 3. No more waits for lighting or everything else thing compute. Only drag and drop from cont. Browser, modify with right button, move again... With no wait.

    If in final step all is cooked for consoles or pc optimization, well. But need a system looks like that result in high specs config during development in pc.


      Crolus, what the heck do you want a full game? You make all those yourself...


        Oh, and mix voxel engine is a wish? In consoles some things, vegetation mainly can look very better with that cpus.

        Read this youtube comment from a video: (search: world demo voxel)

        This is my little demo of free world ... lets see what we have here. Hybrid rendering and thus, dynamic interactive GI through radiosity (in interiers) mixed with exterior GI (visiblity point to sky hemisphere), massive models (every tree has more than 262k leaves, every as single instance of leaf model), FFT based ocean, soft shadows, transulency on leaves, dynamic physically correct reflections and refractions (through realtime ray tracing), geometry-voxel based grass with LOD, physically correct atmospheric scattering based on Rayleigh-Mie model, normal mapping, terrain clipmapping (e.g. megatexturing), dynamic interactive caustics, and some others.

        And the tri-ace advances... In 360 and ps3.


          stevenchau432 is that you?

          But seriously, this is one of the reasons why we didn't have UDK years ago!

          To balance the thread i'll suggest something: Make the compiler look for UnrealScript classes in a recursive way i.e. all nested folders should be looked for so that all classes could be sorted, this would be benefitable for the users and licensees as the classes would be far easier to find for new comers. (assuming this isn't already added)


            Im no that steven. Im spanish.

            Really is necessary very very more content example. For all purposes. All styles.

            And rendering: battlefield 3, milo, and the tri-ace engine looks simpy impossible in consoles. Adapting to pc must need moderate computer.
            But i cannot use udk from past october or november. I can use only iphone version. Too much requiriments. I can run it, but not work propperly.

            Very poor optimization actually.


              Originally posted by TheAgent View Post
              Crolus, what the heck do you want a full game? You make all those yourself...
              I think Crolus still doesn't know the "make awesome game" button.

              I'll be happy just with a lot of more unrealscript info and tutorials in UDN.


                Oh, so, you are a pr0... Congratulations...


                  LOL @ Crolus's list. Are you serious?

                  Really though, I would like a good foliage system for Landscape. Is this almost done yet?


                    I wanted to fall for the bait, but I didn't really understand the things I wanted to respond to so much.

                    If they just included all the things you wanted to make your game with, you wouldn't be making a game ...


                      Sure? 2 rooms of original RE clone?

                      The materials and any objects new?

                      A room with any object like broken sword with menu stle final fantasy 7?

                      Past that 3 rooms get a kart. Run 100 meter in straight line shooting a missile after get item. After, Change for serious racing car for go to littlemmount terrain with snow ambient.

                      Another map with a space ship from that map of unreal tournament, with mars from ut and other assets from phobos map.

                      I forget anything?


                        Crolus why don't you make your own game engine, your requests are ridiculous and annoying.


                          Ah ok thanks.

                          So, research new technologies is ridiculous.

                          Or when it develops, get its and use in your engine is ridiculous. I understand...

                          Hey! Why not delete content from udk? Is for create games. So, epic is ridiculos, of course.


                            I'm fairly sure ripping stuff from other games is copyright infringement. We're given what we have because that's pretty much also what the mod creators for UT had, and UT is Epic's own series, so copyright is negligible for free use.

                            And besides, where would the challenge be in just dropping in things from other games?