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    W w w what???


    you know the gdc? The siggraph? The public papers?

    You understand my examples? Mario kart is not mean copypaste the mario kart from wii... Same with RE example...

    Simply are same techniques.

    You know all industry is using ideas of john carmack? Well...


      You know all industry is using ideas of john carmack? Well...
      Actually, John says it himself in that most of the ideas he employs usually do not originate from him. Normal texturing was done by someone else in a research lab (and even then, another group had it in real time before Doom 3), mega texturing / clip texturing was also done by someone else in a research lab. However, he is credited for bringing those technologies in a real time manner.

      I'm not 100% sure why people expect every single technology to be embedded into UDK. As for the first post, the integration part isn't the difficult part. It's getting the third party to give it away for free; that's the hard part.


        and he wants examples that show him how to do everything, so he can piece together his own game by copy-pasting.


          Are necessary very more examples. End.

          And in wikipedia are some ideas of john carmack in him page actually used.

          And of course, the idea for use a method in realtime is equal to have a new idea. Like the method of crytek for use GI in realtime, very approximated to raytracing.

          The most important new ideas are the relationated to cost of development. Megameshes from milo, and virtual texturing from rage, and full realtime rendering of cryengine 3/crysis2 will reduce much cost. At same time obtaining a big increase in graphic quality.

          And lionhead has a new method of texture compression much better than s3tc.
          Simply read the pdf i was posted.

          That method is for put the heavy megatextures with better looks in dvd9 of 360 or pc, and save a lot of bandwith. Actually the key for better graphics is bandwith.

          And can reduce iphone weight games.

          And the tri-ace methods looks than cg in realtime at consoles. And gives no changes in appareance materials Or models at modify lighting.

          And the full realtime rendering, including lighting, of crytek reduce instantly the time of development --> cost of development. We all hate the waiting for cooking. Or for lightmass work.

          Maybe can be a nice idea use lightmass only as final step for consoles, with same quality of realtime lighting/shadowing in pc's high specs configuration.


            Then make your own examples . End. lol.... so lazy



              Report? You are attacking to me...

              I was says my opinion.


                All I could ask for right now is more documentation on US


                  And translations better than google translator can, too


                    This thread is too funny...


                      You speaking about my english?


                        No, I mean your outrageous wishlist of content you want Epic to include with UDK.

                        Although your English is pretty terrible as well


                          Yeah, thanks!

                          But the most important really are 1-megameshes, 2-full realtime (in editor of pc if in consoles not) 3-virtual texturing, minimum megatexture for landscape outdoor.

                          If possible physical based rendering and better cinema-looks system -again, see the link i was posted of tri-ace.

                          The reason for requiring a tri sli of gtx 580 in samaritan demo is giant amount of polygons, and with tesselation.
                          With megameshes can requiring a 5850 or less. But the important is the fast model creation and painting --> reduce cost/prize.


                            You probably don't know enough about the software or hardware capabilities. For instance, they said with the Samaritan demo that they could probably get it to run on 1 graphics card with some optimization. In their presentation they didn't need to think about optimization, they just had to get it to show off features.

                            It's also unreasonable to expect them to add features that other developers are working on, like the megameshes

                            But--I do think they need to work on improving the real-time lighting solutions, it's becoming an issue where people need more dynamic lights.


                              Yeah. Deferred lighting of killzone 2 or 3 for very much lights realtime.
                              All realltime as crengine 3 for save time in editor -no waits of lightmass.

                              But megameshes with virtual texturing is the future.

                              Both save much time, increasing visual quality.

                              I know the one gtx 580 how much more fast is over the amd - ati 5850?

                              And epic wants to run the more possible features on actual generation, of over 85 millions of consoles now at homes with 360 + ps3.

                              Milo, killzone 3, crysis 2...


                                Write your own engine, if you require all these things.

                                Or license Unreal Engine, and add these things to them.