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    Reports and statistics

    Hi guys
    Do you know any good sources of reports, statistics, polls or studies about game and gamers ? For instance players preference, best-selling game genres etc.

    Some info:


      Thanks bro


        Wow, some points differ significantly from what I expected (and experienced)

        -Eighty-two percent of all games sold in 2009 were rated "E" for Everyone, "T" for Teen, or "E10+" for Everyone 10+.
        Probably because the ESRB doesn't rate as strict as Germany. And because they don't care much about violent content but more about erotic stuff - the exact opposite of how it's handled here.

        -Parents who have children under 18 with a gaming console in the home are present when games are purchased or rented 93 percent of the time.
        I've been playing without surveillance since the age of 13. And so did my friends. But it probably depends on if you have your own TV in your room or if you need to play in the living room.

        -Sixty-four percent of parents believe games are a positive part of their children’s lives.
        Wish we had more such open-minded parents.

        Would be interesting to know about the relation between sales on PC vs. sales on consoles. I read that a multiplatform release is sold 90% on consoles, though those statistics don't consider online sales, especially not Steam.