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Best way to make a falling mesh smash another mesh

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    Best way to make a falling mesh smash another mesh

    Hi Everybody,

    I was wondering what the general opinion was for what the best way to make a falling mesh smash another mesh? Should I use PhysXLab, a skeletal mesh, or just a fractured mesh? I just applied to use PhysXLab and have not received my download yet.

    I am trying to have a falling rock rock smash a grand piano. At this point I am thinking of going with a skeletal mesh but I wanted to get feedback of what other people thought.

    Any opinions would be appreciated.


    I'd say a well animated skeletal mesh with a load of particle effects and some physics debris would work nicely.


      Thanks Ambershee. After looking at quite a few other posts regarding this issue, I agree with you. I did get to download PhysX Lab today though so I'm going to mess with it a bit. Maybe I can combine things for the best effect. Still experimenting.

      Thanks for the suggestion!


        As a suggestion, I wouldn't use a skeletal mesh, just an Apex destructible.

        With the right UDK settings on the destructible, what you are trying to do is fairly straightforward. By the way, it is the Apex lab you'll be downloading, not PhysX.