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how much can be done?

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    how much can be done?

    Just a quick question, I have been learning UDK for some time - on and off - though I haven't gone very deep into script etc.
    I am wondering how powerful is the script - can I make a simple game without C++ or C# code?
    I want to develop a fairly simple stealth action game - think metal gear solid VR missions. Would that be possible entirely in editor using script or would I need to code. If I need to code would it just be basic framework that would be mostly same for any simple title? (so I could generate or follow tutorial to do all the code I need)
    And does this also apply for porting it to iOS?
    Thanks ^^;

    Such a game needs custom script code that you have to come up with yourself. No tutorial will show you how to make "stealth" for example. You would have to write your very own awareness and whatever system. This can of course be done in unrealscript, so no c++ ( you dont get access to those parts of the engine with UDK anyway).