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Request for bUseEmissiveForStaticLighting.

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    Request for bUseEmissiveForStaticLighting.

    I really like the feature "Use Emissive For Static Lighting" on the static meshes.

    But I would really like to be able to have that boolean available in my Static Mesh Editor or my Material Editor.

    It's so much work to turn it on per mesh in all of my levels, most of the time I would like it on all of the same type of meshes/materials.

    Please add a feature like this

    It would also be nice to have this feature work for ProcBuildings as well, I can enable it for the LOD, but not for the main mesh. Would be nice for windows or small lights attached next to the door etc...

    You can already select all instances of a mesh at once and set the property for all of them. That shouldn't be a limiting factor.