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Example Isometric Camera - Help

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    Example Isometric Camera - Help

    Hello friends, I'm new at UDK, and know nothing about programming and scripting. And I'm with a doubt. I was trying to understand the tutorials UDK # Config Files

    And I'll be honest, I did not understand anything!

    I know I can be considered an idiot, but please, someone could draw like you do?

    I do not know where to put the codes, how to put. In fact I even tried, I created a folder UDK \ Development \ Src \ UDN \ Classes \. Inside put: UDNGame.uc / UDNPawn.uc / UDNPlayerController.uc. I changed the file DefaultGame.ini.

    Recompile and...

    But even then did not, I was in Worldinfo, and nothing.

    Please help me.


    PS: I'm trying to do an isometric camera. In fact, a 3rd person, so that the character can move, and the wall disappears, something similar to Mario 64.