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    Problem when packaged...

    Hi all,

    I am part of a University team who has been working on a game for the last 6 months. Now development has finished (for the moment) I have been tweaking the last few problems and it is now ready for packaging as an exe.

    The whole game works fine in the editor, and when run from the binaries folder. When it is cooked and packaged, almost everything works... Apart from giving the player custom weapons.
    For example you can type 'giveweapon UtGame.UtWeap_Linkgun' and you will recieve the link gun.

    However when you type 'giveweapon guard.spyteeth'. The log returns the error 'Warning, failed to load 'class Guard.SpyTeeth': failed to find object 'class Guard.Spyteeth'
    This only happens in the packaged version...

    Has anyone encountered this before or could suggest something to try?



    You might try reading [udn]ContentCooking[/udn]. I'm guessing that that package isn't referred to in some of those levels, so it's not being cooked into those levels. Might want to try adding it as a StartupPackage


      Thanks for the response Blade,

      I read up on Cooking, and understand that script packages are loaded all the time:
      "100% fully loaded all the time forever and ever "

      All the maps and models/textures are fine, so the map and asset packages are loaded.

      All of our custom Pawns/controller/pickups etc are all working, and they are in the same 'guard' script package as the custom weapons that are returning with this error.

      So the script package is being loaded and used. It is just the custom weapons that it still seemingly cannot find...