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UDK interface proposal: paste memory function

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    UDK interface proposal: paste memory function

    Hello everyone,

    Looking at how many times I switch back and forth between UDK windows, use the Lock Actor button in the properties window, switch again between the material editor and the content browser... made me think of a more efficient way to go about this workflow.

    The proposal is: a paste (clipboard) memory function that simply stores all assets that you click.

    Take a look at the images below. One way to access the paste memory is the right-click/context menu, the other way is the new orange arrow:



    A simple example: you want to attach an actor to another actor. With the paste memory function you would:

    1) click the base actor in your map (it is now stored in the paste memory)
    2) click the actor you want to attach & open its properties
    3) under attachment use the right-click paste memory function - or use the new orange down-arrow - to select the base actor from memory

    Another example: you have imported 50 textures, and you need 7 of them in a new material:

    1) click the 7 textures one after the other in the content browser (or use shift to select a row at once) (they are now stored in paste memory)
    2) open the material
    3) use the memory paste function to paste all 7 textures quickly

    When you work hours and hours with the UDK, I guess it would be really handy to have up to 20 assets stored in memory.

    The memory list presented in the images above show in the first column the asset type (so you don't get confused by the asset name), in the second column the asset name, and in the third column its full origin.

    The memory paste function would be context-sensitive. For example, when working in the material editor, the memory paste function would only present assets that are appropriate (e.g. textures).

    We could add a 'paste all' function to it, which of course asks also for a 'clear paste memory' function.

    The advantages are: no more switching back and forth between windows, no need to use the Lock Actor function and a faster workflow.

    Well... it's just a proposal. Let me know what you think.

    I like it, seems quite useful. Would the feature be too complicated if you would need to right-click and "save to paste memory" to memorize assets?


      I'm a little lost - how is this different from the existing CTRL+C / CTRL+V?


        @musilowski: that could also be an option, myself I like the idea that every asset that I click is stored automatically, no matter where I am (content browser, level editor et cetera)

        @ambershee: hahaha, well, see it as an extension of the single-clipboard function. Haven't you had many times the situation that you had to go back to the content browser so many times that it made you nervous? Even with my 3-display setup it's a lot of walking around. I just thought it would be handy to keep a bag with several paste-options closeby.


          To be honest, I've rarely encountered a need to have many things in the clipboard / keep going backwards and forwards. On the one or two occassions when I have done, I usually stored everything in notepad. Not the most elegant solution, but it works more than well enough


            Maybe it's a matter of what your main work is with the UDK. I for one have this issue because I do have to go a lot back and forth when creating my materials and maps. But hey, maybe I'm the only one