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FBX import into UDK with explicit normals?

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    FBX import into UDK with explicit normals?

    As the title suggests. Is it possible to import a skinned mesh, via FBX, into UDK with explicit normals?

    I know you can do this for static meshes by enabling the 'Explicit Normals' option when importing a mesh - but this option is only found under the static mesh options in the FBX importer and doesn't seem to change anything even if checked on import of a skinned mesh.

    hey I'm looking for answers about this as well !
    I don't see any option for explicit normals under skeletal meshes ...

    edit: on farther research, it seems there's currently no way to set the normals.
    Therefore the only solution is to manually split the edges where "hard edges" are, and let UDK applies it's uniform smoothing normally.
    I just tested it on my character, everything checks alright.


      Yeah - that was the conclusion I came to as well - that explicit normals aren't supported on skinned meshses for some reason.

      The splitting edges scenario is one solution, but since ActorX (and I think FBX?) export smoothing groups in one form or another this seems like a long way to go about it? I might have misunderstood your meaning though - apologies if I did

      Unfortunately the smoothing gorups\ split edges wouldn't work for all situations and not the specific instance I need it working for currently. What I have is a hair mesh consisting of hundreds of alpha planes placed on the head. I have copied the normals from the head mesh and applied them to the hair cards so they shade "correctly" with the head. No smoothing or split edges can help here unfortunately. Also I explicit normal support would be great for being able to join meshes continuously (head to neck for example without merging them and welding verts)


        Yes fbx export support vertex normals, but that doesn't mean unreal supports it.
        Actually from what I understand unreal support for explicit normals is pretty new. (go figure, huh)

        I just tested splitting edges with a character rig + facial setup, it works fine.
        Ok so if I understand correctly your issue isn't exactly setting smoothing groups (or soft/hard edges in maya) - but rather unique normals you set yourself for whatever reasons ?

        I'm actually going to add hair alpha planes myself to this character very soon, and don't really see why you would need so have any control on their vertex normals.
        So if you could explain exactly why you need custom vertex normals for hair it would be much appreciated