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Free Bokeh textures!

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    Awsome. I'll try them out when I return from work.


      Updated the link to my new host/website


        thanks bro for sharing nice bokeh textures!!!! awesome

        but question can i do bokeh DOF without using dx11? -__-


          Hmm, I'm not sure, it might be possible, but you'd have to make it yourself somehow


            mktwo any tips on how to do bokeh DOF? need to do in post process chain? then put material on it?

            hope you can give me some guidance..cos im a newbie =)



              Yes it's in the post-process chain, to see how to activate it, look at this link ;D

              There's no need for a material, just add the Bokeh-texture to the slot in the UberPostProcess with the same name

              After that you will probably have to mess with some settings for the DOF to show up, I bet there are some tutorials on that!


                aaaaaww...awesome..thanks alot mate ..have a nice weekend..cheers =)


                  This would have been a great addition to the content site


                    @Sir: Hmm, yes, give me a link and I'll post it up
                    @horoxhoro: No problem, glad to be of service


                      just thought I'd say thanks for the .bmp bokeh texture files they're really cool!

                      I also thought i'd add my process for getting this Bokeh DOF working as i couldn't find any proper help... in all the threads I read i just got pointed to the directX11 feature page where they say 'simply turn it on' ...this isn't really a great help if your a noob like myself and i can see a few ppl wondering how to do it.

                      anyway - my process... sorry if its longwinded but i wanted to write a step by step for people...

                      in the menus at the top of UDK...

                      edit --> find_actors

                      select WorldInfo_0 and click properties

                      in the window that pops up click the padlock icon at the top so it doesn't dissapear.

                      in your package file, create a new postProcessChain

                      in the window that pops up create a UberPostProcessEffect (right click and create it!)

                      Connect the SceneRenderTarget OUT to the UberPostProcessEffect IN

                      in the UberPostProcessEffect options at the bottom you'll find Depth Of Field. Switch the type from SimpleDOF to BokehDOF

                      Just below that you'll see Bokeh Texture. You can plug your bitmap into here now by having the texture selected in the content browser then click the little green arrow at the side. Bokeh DOF will now use this texture. (note texture for best results needs to be 128x128 .bmp file saved out as RGB).

                      now go back to your WorldInfo_0 properties page that you padlocked down

                      tick the enable DOF button near the top.

                      scroll a bit further down and you'll see World Post Process Chain. there is a little green arrow to the right - you simply make sure you have selected the PostProcessChain in your content browser and then plug it in by clicking on the green arrow.

                      okay now your DOF is being controlled by the DOF settings in your PostProcessChain. But you still cant see it? Hit the G button in your perspective window to see the effect on screen in realtime.

                      now simply edit the values in the UberPostProcessEffect to suit and you'll get feedback on screen too

                      I found that these settings in the uberPostProcessEffect seemed to be working well for me.

                      falloff Exponent = 2
                      Blur Kernel Size = 4
                      Focus Type = FOCUS_distance
                      Focus Inner Radius = 600
                      Focus Distance = 300

                      if your crunk up that Kernel size to something like 32 or even 64 you'll see that texture you plugged in appearing!

                      these seemed to give me nice results for a scene where my character is actually real world size units (in maya my character is 185cm and exported as such... other objects are built to match relatively). I only mention this as if your character is 2cm then these DOF settings might be wildly out.

                      Hope that helps
                      UDK noobster

                      ps - if there's an easier way to do it then by all means correct me guys - still learning myself but this seems to really work well for me so I'm happy

                      pps - isn't UDK's rendering engine just simply spectacular?!?!!!?! Why the hell have i been bimbling on with Mental Ray all this time lol!


                        You don't need to "find actors"... there's a World Properties option in the menu, which is the same thing.


                          well thats even less button presses for ppl then heh! At least the process for setting it up is there for people