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UDK scene not completely loaded

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    UDK scene not completely loaded

    Hi everybody.
    I have another (and maybe stupid) question.

    I've created ad scene in UDK with a couple of statich meshes that I had created in 3ds max and then imported into the editor.
    These static meshes have been imported in UDK in an external package that I had saved.

    When I restart UDK (after closed it), I first import this package with my two meshes and It seems to be loaded correclty (I see the meshes in the content browser).
    But when I load my scene, there's everything but not my two meshes.

    How can I load my scene correctly?

    Thanks to all!

    Is your package actually in the correct directory for the current version of UDK?


      Thank you ambershee.
      My package is in a custom folder, out of the UDK folder.
      Can you tell me which is the right directory?


        Your package needs to be in a subfolder to {UDK version}\UDKGame\Content. I would prefer to have my project in an external folder, but unfortunately UDK doesn't support that.