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Struggling to learn Unreal Script

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    Struggling to learn Unreal Script


    I am not sure if I should have put this into the support section or the general discussion. I apologize in advance if it is in the wrong section.


    I am trying to learn Unreal Script but I am really Struggling to understand the core concepts behind unreal script.

    With the new March build of the UDK coming out I fear that the basic scripts that i edited will not work and I will spend more time banging my head against my computer than normal.

    I can edit scripts but I cannot make new ones. Is there any tutorial series (Preferably free) that I can read and/or watch.

    I have seen the Tutorials by Geodav and a few other people. Can anyone help me out?

    Thank you,


    Well,Eat3d has a DVD you can order and it tells you how to setup the environment,and edit and write script. I think knowledge doesn't have a price, i would buy it.Not many people make U.S tutorials because its such a grand topic,that its hard to cover every aspect.I suggest you check out the UDN (free).I would also suggest you go on google and look for DVDs or U.S.
    Hope this helps.


      Did you click Documentation, and actually read the documentation about how to create new scripts, and such?


        I'm trying to teach myself too. I did buy the Eat3D dvd and it was a great first step to getting you started and setting yourslf up a new project. I then read the unrealscript reference in the UDN docs. You may not fully understand it all but stick with it and it will start to make sense. Having a good understanding of object oriented programming is probably a must.

        I think probably for me and possibly most newbies the most daunting thing to begin with is once you have figured out what it is you want to modify, change or make, is what classes to extend from in order to achieve that goal because you have to understand what has already been written in the existing scripts. The only way to know this as I have found is to read the supplied unreal scripts and try to figure out what they do. The best way I found was to install visual studio express and nfringe which are both free for personal use. The Eat3d tutorial will show you how to do this. I also use a tool called UnCodeX which shows you all the unreal script in its proper hierarchy so you can tell what scripts extend from each other.

        As I say i'm still right at the begining of learning this stuff too. I set myself small goals that I want to achieve in my game and try to figure them out one by one. My first one was to implement a walk/run toggle button. My current task is to figure out how so make a saved game. I'm trying to implement the SQLite database method which seems the best to me (someone correct me if i'm wrong). Stick with it because it's quite rewarding when things start to work. There are lots of tutorials that this great community have made. try here

        PS if some kind person could provide a compiled dll of the latest version of the SQLite save database project that would great as i only have VS express and it won't compile in that version. the latest dll is from here