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Extracting Meta Data from Content Browser List View

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    Extracting Meta Data from Content Browser List View

    I had a quick question about the content browser's list view.

    If you select a package and select Switch to List View it gives you a nice table of all the content, including name, date added, path, memory, texture sizes, etc.

    Is there any way to export that table? I don't want to export any of the actual meshes, textures or any actual image files, I simply want the meta data.

    I can obviously go in and do data entry on all of the meta data, but when I switch to List View everything is right there exactly as I need it, I just can't find a way to export that data if it is even possible.

    I found this page:

    And that seems like it might be more complicated than I need. I noticed there is custom columns in the List View? Is there ways to add more columns, export the data, anything, or do I need to further pursue the GameAccessDatabase stuff?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.