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    Custom .exe Builds & Commands


    Only been using UDK for a few days but I'm already sold, sadly my time is limited so I'm looking for some information on how to customise standalone builds. I'm not expecting direct answers, but a point in the right direction would be great. If you want to elaborate its also fine.

    I have already built a standalone through the Front End and it works well, but I need more....

    1) When user loads level it needs to go straight there and avoid all the menus.
    (I have seen it in one of the architecture compo winners "Casa Compo1")

    2) All guns/crosshair/huds/bots etc need to vanish.

    3) Console access needs to be disabled to prevent adding guns via cvars like "loaded"

    basically I want to use UDK as a viz tool and nothing more.
    Walk and look around and of course render what I produce.

    Is there a section anywhere dedicated to all the variables?
    I have read some of the basics and put them into action but as I said, I need fine control and documentation explaining what each variable does.

    Thanks for any pointers. Wish epic made some kind of advanced gui/wizard for enabling/disabling certain things like this, would be so easy for them to do and save a lot of messing around.


    Still need more though, but useful for others who have not yet done a standalone build.


      Configure the default map in the DefaultEngine.ini to load a map that doesn't start a menu.

      Don't use UTGame for your custom game.

      Remove the console keys in DefaultInput


        Originally posted by Blade[UG] View Post
        Configure the default map in the DefaultEngine.ini to load a map that doesn't start a menu.

        Don't use UTGame for your custom game.

        Remove the console keys in DefaultInput
        I need something a lot more fundanmental than that sorry and I doubt 3 lines of text would really be enough for anyone whose just starting out to do what I'm asking.

        Anyone else?


          My apologies for being short in my reply, when I'm mobile or busy with things other than helping people, I tend to be very terse in my replies

          You make a game that goes without going to a menu, by ... not making a menu.

          Specifically, the Map= line in UDKGame\Config\DefaultEngine.ini specifies the map to start with if none is given on the command line. If it doesn't do anything to open a menu, then there's no menu.

          Your GameInfo subclass is the heart of your game. If you don't subclass UTGame, then you don't get any of the UT stuff.

          Input keys are configured in UDKGame\Config\DefaultInput.ini . Open that up, and put a "-" in front of the lines that have the commands to open the console (Tilde and Tab) should work for disabling them.

          Documentation search for Config Files:

          Here's the documentation for GameInfo, which is a new doc, so i couldn't find it via search..


            Addendum: if you're not going to be writing code, just open up DefaultGame.ini and make a new Prefix entry in there that uses Engine.GameInfo as it's default gametype, then name your maps with that prefix (ie, PR-mapname if you specify the prefix PR in the ini)

            also, remember that we don't know what it is that you know/don't know, so we can only guess as to what level of information is needed to be able to help you find the answers you want.


              Thanks blade, that will give me more to chew on

              Just some other stuff I found for others. I'll share what I find as I go on...

              UDK Frontend

              Some more here.

              I still think Epic should make this stuff a no brainer with checkboxes in the front end. I'll probably spend more time researching and configuring this stuff than the time I spent putting the level/lighting together.

              Oh well, as long as I'm making progress.


                well, Frontend is more built for cooking and packaging for distribution, and this sort of stuff is more in the development category, but on a personal level, i do agree that things could be eventually made easier to work with for people who aren't familiar with them already.

                On the brightside, there have been huge improvements in documentation and usability things since UDK came out, so it's a learning experience for everyone, including the developers, as to what people want/need, I think.