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Creating a game from various computers

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    Creating a game from various computers

    Hello, I have a question about game development using the UDk.

    Currenty I am working on a quite big project with a couple of people working on it and I would like to know if there is any way to share all the assets that two computers have through a network or internet using the Unreal Frontend or any other method, since importing each asset takes a lot of time.

    If not, I would really appreciate if you could tell me a way to import all assets from PC to PC saving them in a file or a new project.

    Thank you very much in advance for any help you can give me.

    Maybe any of these might help?


      Thanks, but what I would really want is a way that if someone imports a mesh or a material into one udk, it sends the info to the other one so both are using the same assets.

      The answer you proposed would work too, but do I copy/paste my custom folder for meshes and textures from one udk installation to the other? I dont know how you do that, if you do it this way and you open the .udk file will it load all the meshes without a problem?

      For example I have all the assets I created in maya and PS in a folder in udk called "My file", if I copy paste this upk file from one pc to the other, will it load everything automatically? I still dont have a clear understanding of how this sistem works.



        It works like you select which files you wish to sync between computers, which can be a .upk file you got saved in your content folder for example. When you save that file, you can choose to commit it, and the others can then sync to the latest content to get your updates.

        Dropbox is auto-updating by default.


          Thanks, I will give it a shot now that I understand better how the file system works.

          What I did was passing the .udk and .upk files phisically through a usb from one PC to the other, and it worked very well, with the exception of some materials showing completely black. Do you know why is this?

          Thanks for your assistance dopefish, you have been very helpful!


            Broken paths, or textures lying in other packages perhaps?

            For what you suggest, it sounds like dropbox would be the best solution for you.


              Thin client?


                TheDopefish, i had no idea you could share files like that between computers : D Now i dont have to keep on transporting things from laptop to desktop via USB : P Thanks.