Im curious as to the reasoning behind UDK and UE3 not having some of the basic components one might expect, like a pivot or spherical collision. Theres been numerous occasions when I would find these useful and was wondering if anyone else would have need of these aside from myself.

Perhaps there are ways around having these implemented, such as using a spherical mesh with per poly collision but I was under the impression such things were optimized in code proceedurally. Such as for sub-division of collision using a segments variable or even adjusting segments based on conditions.

For a real world example:
 * Copyright 2011 Daniel Batten (aka 00zX or MonsOlympus), All Rights Reserved.
class mSpell_Mode_IStream extends mSpell_Mode_InstantHit;

var SplineComponent Spline;

function SpawnCollision(Weapon W)
	local InterpCurvePointVector iVec;
	local SphereComponent Sphere;
	local vector Loc;
	local int i;

	Sphere = new() class'SphereComponent';
	foreach Spline.SplineInfo.Points(iVec, i)
		Loc = iVec.LeaveTangent - iVec.ArriveTangent;