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Inconsistent Shadow Question.

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    Inconsistent Shadow Question.

    Only been using UDK for a few days but this seems an inconsistent problem.

    I'm using a dominant directional light that seems to lose its shadows in the realtime view from time to time.

    If I rotate the light a tiny bit the shadows come back to the realtime view, but when I build everything quite often the shadows will not be in game, it does work from time to time, just wondering if this is a bug, or possibly a fault with a card or somekind of throttle as its on a lot lately.

    I just wrote this now because it just happened, I tried it again and the shadows are there now. Just to taunt me.

    Its really annoying and time consuming because it takes a lot of time to build these lightmass and I don't know why its doing this.

    The map has quite a lot of static meshes and the floor is one big static mesh.

    Thanks for any insight.

    When it worked, I saved project, closed editor, opened again built everything and shadows were no there, I went back into realtime view, moved ligha fraction, shadows appeared in realtime view, pressed the play in viewport and it worked (but siad light needs to be rebuilt).

    I cracked it at 6am . Now bed!
    Was some stupid amb5ien6t option keyboard is playin6g up n6ow lol