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    Spyware warning

    To Charles, I viewed the first screenshot image in your thread about softbodies and that page immediately gave me ******* F'ING SPYWARE!!! The kind that don't like going away too. RIGHT when my external drive went down. Fing SWEET!

    I see the thread is closed now, but I didn't notice until after and now I get to spend hours on this. That thread needs to be nuked and now before anybody else accidentally clicks on it.

    The admins need to know and that's why I didn't just PM Charles. Besides, at this level of ****** it wouldn't do anybody any good.

    Feel free to delete this post after that's gone.

    I doubt you got infected from imageshack, maybe some AD there, but for sure not his plain JPG picture (i checked all 4 links). There was GDI dll exploit few years back, but ms patched it long ago. I bet you got it from another source (like porn or crack website), or it was false positive from your AV program.

    Next time before you openly blame somebody or something else make **** sure it is not you in first place. And no being upset does not excuse that.

    Results from VIRUSTOTAL for scanning first and second file. Both were new and clean.


      More than likely it was indeed a false positive. AVs like to detect popular sites with huge amounts of ads as spyware because simply put, the site owners do not know what the ads will contain at any given moment. It could very well be that the ads were spyware -- that happened to Newgrounds around 2001 I think.


        I did overreact, but not really that much. And yeah I guess I can't blame charles, even if it was his link that made me spend 2 hours restoring my system. So sorry Charles. It was probably the ads, I agree. Well that's good to know, I wont' be bothering with any screenshots from imageshack anymore.

        I'm still curious as to why the thread was locked without containing any offensive material or even a correct answer. I don't have the ability to lock my own threads.